Use PuTTY to Access Windows Command Console (CMD)


I use WinSSHD to supply SSH service on Windows and PuTTY to connect. It works as well as "cmd".

I also tried Windows Telnet Service from Microsoft, but it doesn't work well.


Features of the default "cmd.exe" / "command.exe" of Windows is limited. I wanna a better console tool.

But either PuTTY or Mintty can't work well:


1. PuTTY as CMD console

I use WinSSHD as a SSH server for Windows., Pernal edition is free of charge by non-commercial personal users. And PuTTY connects to the SSH server.

It works as well as in "cmd.exe". I haven't find any better solution till now.


To make "HOME", "END" and "DEL" key working, configure PuTTY: "Terminal" ==> "Keyboard" ==>

The Backspace key: Control-? (127)
The Home and End keys: Standard
The Function keys and keypad: SCO


2. Cygwin Terminal

(1). In fact, Mintty supplied by the latest Cygwin installation works very well.

(2). Project puttycyg patches original PuTTY to do that.

(3). You can also use the official way to do that, which compiles a "exe" for cygwin and simlate a telnet connection:


3. Mintty as MSYS Terminal

mingw-get install msys-mintty
D:ToolsMinGWmsys1.0msys.bat -mintty

In my installation, MinGW has been installed to D:ToolsMinGW.


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