Install WAMP (Windows-Apache-MySQL-PHP) with ZIP packages – (3)

The article is one of a series articles, for more information, please have a look at: Install WAMP (Windows-Apache-MySQL-PHP) with ZIP packages – (1)


We use Windows (x86, 32-bit), ZIP Archive (

1. Extact

Extract all files in the ZIP package to D:\Tools\MySQL

copy my-medium.ini or any of your preferred example ini files to my.ini

Add the following lines to [mysqld] section of my.ini:

# set basedir to your installation path
# set datadir to the location of your data directory

2. Start MySQL first time and set root password

In cmd,

D:\Tools\MySQL\bin\mysqld.exe --console

In another cmd, we can set password and shut the server down

D:\Tools\MySQL\bin\mysqladmin -u root password "YourPassword"
D:\Tools\MySQL\bin\mysqladmin -u root -p"YourPassword" shutdown

NOTE: In the second command, there is no space between “p” and “YourPassword”

3. Install as service

D:\Tools\MySQL\bin\mysqld.exe --install

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