Linux Development Server Configuration

This is a series articles about my development network.

Please refer to Network Arch. of My Small Virtual Office for more information.

Server Information:
Main Board: Intel S3200SH
Hard-disk: Seagate 500G SATA
Computer Name: Lin
DOMAIN: EXAMPLE.COM (Join Windows 2003 Active Directory)
OS: Debian 5.0.4 (Lenny)

Service on Server:
SSH, FTP, Samba, TFTP, NFS, HTTP, etc.

I won't write down how to install it —- too many solutions, and most of them are very easy. If you are a newbie, I think you'd better know some of the following background knowledge:
Partition: primary, extended, and logical partition. Primary, Extended and Logical PartitionsDisk partitioning
Device: What devices are partitions under Linux, and Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, (Wikipedia Links)

I'll record some "how to" in my coming articles.


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