Domain Controller Configuration

This is a series articles about my development network.

Please refer to Network Arch. of My Small Virtual Office for more information.

It seems that for managing account on network, M$ Windows "domain"/"active directory" technology is better than *NIX which usually uses Samba . According to articles from search engine, there are many problems when Windows Vista/7 joining Domain controlled by Samba. —- That's why I choose to use Windows Server as a Domain Controller.

Domain Controller Information:
Main Board: Intel S3200SH
Hard-disk: Seagate 500G SATA x 2 —- RAID-1
Computer Name: PDC
OS: Windows 2003 R2 SP2 EN

Services on PDC:
Domain Controller (Active Directory)
Revision Control System
Remote Desktop

I use Active Directory for account management, Remote Desktop for management, and CollabNet Subversion as Revision Control with Active Directory authentication.

It's very easy to configure Windows Server 2003 working as Domain Controller and manage all accounts. Nothing worth writing down.

I'll explain how to configure subversion with Active Directory authentication later.


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